Which books do you read for Wellbeing and Stress Management?

Do you like to read books based on recommendations? Do you search for inspiration? Know the topic but aren’t sure which book to start with?

Sometimes it is so much easier to hear someone say “I’m reading this book and it’s brilliant because…” and you instantly know that you’re going to read it. Perhaps you ask a few more questions or jump to Amazon and read a few reviews.

As a Wellbeing specialist, and in my Stress Management workshops, I often get asked for book recommendations, and lately people have been looking on my website for recommended reading…so…through the power of this blog, I am going to start offering Recommended Resources. I only share resources that I truly recommend. For some there will be an affiliate link, which means that I may get paid if you buy by clicking on the link I provide. Please know that I only agree to be an affiliate or ambassador for books, products and services that I honestly believe in.

Over time, if you really enjoy hearing my recommendations (through comments, likes and emails which all help me know your feelings) then at some point a “Recommended Resources” section will be created, but for now, let’s start off within these posts.

Here goes!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew of one book that would improve your life just by reading it? The very first book that I read about Wellbeing did just that. I had no idea that it was about wellbeing, it was suggested in a brief conversation and without thinking about it, something clicked and I took a copy on honeymoon with me. And read it.

My personal life at that time was good. As you might have realised, I was about to get married when this book was recommended to me. My husband and I have celebrated 16 years of a deeply fulfilling marriage this year and I am sure that the journey started by that book recommendation in the year 2000 has contributed to the positive strength of our relationship.

My career, however, was struggling. I was working for a Telecomms firm where I stood out like a sore thumb for all the wrong reasons. I was so unfulfilled that I wasn’t even aware you could find fulfillment at work. I was overweight and down. In hindsight, I was depressed, but I didn’t know I was back then. My confidence had leached out of me, and although my immediate boss appreciated the job I was doing, the people around me didn’t get it, and the department culture had been very disrupted in the time I worked for the firm and had degenerated into talking behind people’s backs to take them down if you could – really not my kind of place at all.

“Try reading this.” A book was thrust into my hands. “It’s making me see life with a whole different perspective.”

As my colleague hurried off to a meeting I walked back to my desk holding the volume and slipped it into my bag to take home.

I was so busy that it was only when I was packing for my honeymoon a few weeks later that I remembered the book. I pulled it out and flicked through it. It looked perfect to take with me.

It was an easy read; as anything is when it lands in your lap at exactly the right time, the time that you need it. Although I didn’t know what to do with the insights I’d glimpsed through the adventure story (James Redfield, the author, has since published a companion Experiential Guide so you can take the knowledge and put it into practice) but it shifted my mindset, opened my awareness to new possibilities and at the same time reminded me of a knowing that was already deep inside me.

With that alone, simply the reading of this book about experiencing life more fully changed the course of my own. I returned to work and was offered a fabulous opportunity working on a project in Holland which turned out to be one of the highlights of my corporate career. In turn this led onto working in Zurich and there followed a series of events which brought me to the present day of supporting other people to find different ways of looking at things, different ways of being, and more fulfilling ways of living.

If you want to read the self-same book that set me of initially on my journey of wellbeing, you can find it here: http://amzn.to/2chvAJ6

How did the wellbeing philosophy of Core Sense evolve?

Philosophy: A particular system or set of beliefs reached as a personal structure for life.

 Core Sense: That which you know and feel to be true for you, regardless of if you cannot or choose not to explain it to others.


The philosophy of Core Sense evolved through my own beliefs, values and quest for understanding as I have experienced life. At the age of 16 I came across a book called “Empowerment for women” which I still have on my bookshelf. In my teenage world, there were many women in my life who weren’t fully empowered. I could “feel” their confusion, their pain, their resignation.

“How can I balance being a “good parent” and work?”

“My husband has his own business / professional practice – my job is to look after the family and run the house.”

“The job I do now is a “nice little number” that pays for our holidays. Oh, yes, I used to be a solicitor”

“I work because I have to. I’d rather be at home with the children.”

Most of all I was acutely aware of the numbness that they had created to protect themselves. It was as if those who weren’t fulfilled by their lives and work had let their light dim; had ever-so-slightly disconnected with the world; had let go of their dreams and were subservient to the needs of their husbands and their families.

I would meet my friends’ mums and talk with them. I listened to these intelligent, attractive women, and, without realising, was saddened as I saw their ever-so-slightly bowed backs and rounded shoulders; as I heard the slight hesitation in their voices; as I noticed the flatness in their eyes.

At 16, I couldn’t understand it. Why would you let that happen to you?

As I spent time talking to them, interested in what they had to say from a place deep inside of me, there was a flicker of life, an imperceptible increase in energy and a straightening of posture as they went about their day. When I met them again, there was always warmth, friendliness and connection beyond that of just being my friend’s mum.

I was fascinated by this. Surely letting your ambition slip away wasn’t “right?” Surely, these women would want to change? Surely they could change? What I didn’t realise then was how easily this can happen, even in seemingly normal lives, never mind in lives where trauma has occurred.

30 years and a whole lot of life experience on, and I understand so much more. I understand how we box ourselves into corners, how we get stuck in situations and circumstances that we never intended to. In the 10 years of working directly with women and men who are disempowered I have supported them to find their self-respect again and to live life to the full whatever the circumstances.

When I had my first baby, my husband and I had moved to a beautiful house in the country; we both loved our work and our social life. The plan was clear: we’d have the baby and after 6 months I would return to work. Life was good.

But my son was born when I was only 6 months pregnant. I didn’t even know that I was in labour. I walked into A&E at 13.30 and gave birth at 14.22.

My life was turned upside down in a heartbeat. Literally. My husband’s was too.

We didn’t know if our son would survive, and if he did what state he would be in. After several hours, we decided to name him “just in case.” So began our parenthood journey: 5 hospitals in 6 months.

If you wish to hear more of this part of my story, please email change@coresense.co.uk and I will send you a 35 minute audio recording made as part of the Take Back Control of Your Life 2014 telesummit.

He did survive. As I write this, he is 13 ½ and just about to break up from the end of Year 8 at school. He has a disability and additional needs and I am a registered Carer as well as his parent.

To the outside world it looked like I was coping fine. At 18 months our baby came off oxygen. A month later our second son was born. Life continued. As any parent knows though, once you’ve had a baby, your life is never, ever the same again – whatever your circumstances.

I felt my life slipping away from me, and I couldn’t accept it. What I didn’t realise was that if I had acknowledged it; if I had  been able to say “This is the way that it is” and consciously decide how I was going to approach things now, then I would have made it easier for myself.

But I didn’t.

I kept fighting inside myself.

“This isn’t how it was meant to be.” I said over and again.

What I just didn’t realise was that I was keeping myself stuck. Not only that but I was in a hole and I just kept digging.

If only I had the structure of work. If only I had close friends nearby. If only I’d been able to finish my MSc… If only this, if only that.

My light had gone out.

Well and truly.

I was in a situation that I wasn’t in the least bit prepared for. In my early teens I’d been clear that I didn’t know if I wanted children; and if I was to have them I was certainly not staying at home to look after them – I would go “mad” if that happened.

Only it HAD happened.

No-one else could care for my son the way I could. We’d seen that early on. Now I had two boys and it only seemed right to give them both the “same experience” (another blog, another day to discuss how that developed that from the woman who didn’t have pain relief the second time because she hadn’t had it the first!) My husband was able to continue in his career – his employers were really supportive –and so he earned the money to keep the roof over our heads and food on the table.

I was a Stay at Home Mum (a STAHM as I came to find out) and it took a few years, but I was indeed losing my mind, just as I’d predicted I would if I had to stay at home with small children – but the one making it happen was me. Not my circumstances, but the way I was reacting to them. I had no idea that this could change so long as I made a choice. I just felt bereft; low; useless; each year seemed to get harder and as time went on I found I couldn’t concentrate enough to read a book, even a magazine, I felt I had nothing to contribute to any conversation and I withdrew inside myself.

Each day it felt like I was clinging onto my dream of what my life had been like before, what could have been – only it was more of what “should” have been, and still people on the outside thought I was fine. Inside I was crumbling, my confidence was shot to pieces and my self-esteem shattered. I had given birth and lost my identity. No longer Naomi, but x’s mum. In hindsight, I was depressed, suffering from adrenal fatigue and had no life left in me.

Only now do I look back and see how so many of my friend’s mums ended up being trapped in their lives, by their lifestyles, either by being stay at home mum’s or by going out to work.

So, the last 13 years have been a rocky road one way or another. Thank goodness my husband is who he is and has enough strength to have been a rock for me – even when he didn’t understand what was going on.

Now to conclude the intent of this post. “How did the wellbeing philosophy of Core Sense evolve?”

When the boys were younger I was presented with an opportunity for self-development. I had no idea you could go on self-development courses outside of the employed world – because that was the world I knew and loved. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) specifically in the field of Health and Healing, was the course: “It’s either going to be the most expensive self-development course, or it could lead to a career that could fit around the children.” I explained to my patient husband.

The training was called an “Experiential Training” and that meant that I experienced it as I learnt what to do. So, as I studied I indeed started to undergo my own self-development and little by little things surfaced. I began to address my own hitherto unknown fears, and such a lot of anger, guilt and sadness. By working with people for my case studies I started to develop my professional experience, and found that it built on my own personal experience. For some, that meant the deeply personal experiences I had been through gave me an insight into helping them with their traumas, such as difficult births, or children who were “always on the go”; clashing with loved ones, marriage issues such as problems with partners not getting involved in parenting, or difficulties with the “in-laws.”  For others it was my professional background that was of use combined with the NLP skills that I now had – women and men hitting glass ceilings or falling out of favour in their careers; wanting to change direction but feeling stuck because of their earning power, or just simply running out of energy about it all.

Some of my favourite areas of support grew up around helping other parents when they were struggling with their children’s schools and their children weren’t getting the support they needed. Fears and phobias were a particularly fond surprise – one of my wonderful clients went from having such a deep-rooted fear of driving that she hardly ever sat behind the wheel to driving a Porsche a few years later. I helped one gentleman improve his flying abilities “Best hang-glide EVER” was a text I will always remember.

Working through the course and with all the people from the early days of case studies through all the clients I have seen in the past 10 years has helped me to become clearer and clearer about my approach to life; my philosophy has been refined as I’ve completed further training, read wellbeing books and parenting books and realised that the approaches can improve communication with spouses, work colleagues, indeed with anyone. As I continue to experience life’s changes and by my Continuing Professional Development I will continue to evolve my philosophy, to test it and stretch it and add to it as is necessary.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little of my story and how the Core Sense wellbeing philosophy evolved into consciousness. Very few of my blog posts will be this long, but it felt appropriate to share all this with you today.


When willpower is trumped by time!

For about 2 years now I have consciously been thinking about blogging. For about 5 years I’ve been aware that it might be a useful, or even therapeutic, technique or hobby.

Hundreds of times I’ve attempted a blog post. Several times I’ve actually posted one. A few more times my Technical V.A. (Virtual Assistant) has posted for me. (In case you’re not aware of the Tech. V.A. they are real human beings but virtual as in “not actually physically in my presence.”)

Yesterday I decided to “go for it;” to dust off Sarah Arrow’s book (metaphorically as it’s on my Kindle, and to agree to blog for 30 days.  In some ways this was a decision taken with much thought. In others, it was a completely “in the moment” commitment.  I’d had a relaxed Sunday; felt back in balance and decided, this is it.

What I forgot was to check my diary. Partly because my diary is in Google and therefore easily accessed on my laptop – weekdays only; my tablet; battery flat; and mobile ‘phone – switched off because I needed 24 hours completely in the real world – the real world of my home and family.  June has merged into July very quickly and just as intense. I keep getting things coming home from school about the boys; things that need to be done on a timeframe, or things that won’t be done unless I do them. Last week the boys had extra things on every day – and even though we limited them or made them as easy as possible; it was extra things being squashed into family life. I’d arrived at the weekend feeling very squashed indeed! So, a complete “Time Out” on Sunday was in order.

It did the trick. I felt relaxed; back on my game. Sure, let’s do this!

Until about 3p.m. this afternoon when I realised that I had opened Word and not typed a thing.

Determined, I re-committed. I WILL do this. I will push through.

BUT then I stopped. I paused, I looked at the diary. I had several extra things in today as it was; and one was an unexpected meeting that with following up on the actions taken, meant 3 hours went on that. As worthwhile as it was, it wasn’t writing my blog. My car was being picked up by the Body Shop after a coach squashed it a couple of months ago.  The hire car I’d been given by the insurance company is HUGE so the school run and then the Sports Club run all needed to be completed by going the main road, not the country or back route way. That meant that every journey took an extra few minutes – it all added up, and it wasn’t getting this blog post written. At some point during the day it dawned on me that this is my REALLY BUSY WEEK of the month. The one where I already have so much going on that putting in something else, is NOT an option. Oops!

I’m now typing this at 8.34pm and hearing my children both get on and fall out with each other in the same breath.

I could keep pushing through, but, I’m a Wellbeing Consultant and this is one of those great opportunities to walk my talk.

So, as much as I would love to push through, I now know that some point I will hit a brick wall and it makes it much harder for me as well as my husband and my boys.

I will continue the 30 day blogging challenge next week, knowing that because next month is August, there is no REALLY BUSY WEEK for me to navigate!

I know it’s hard to say “no” or to delay something you’ve already committed to – in times past, I would have pushed through, but to my own cost. Now you know that I have committed to my own sanity and delayed my challenge for a week, what could you say “no” or delay?

An overview of the different ways of working with Naomi

What are the different ways of working with you?

Currently I offer the following types of individual and group facilitation and mentoring.

Group Support

Currently I offer 2 types of group support. Occasional workshops concentrating on a particular theme and monthly group programmes.

Both groups are an opportunity for women who run their own businesses or who operate at a senior level in employment to meet and discuss objectively what’s working and what isn’t working for them. I facilitate both groups and help participants move forward through coaching and the sharing of my wealth of corporate knowledge and experience of running my own company.

Wellbeing for Business is a cost-effective group for small business owners to come together each month and work on their business in a group setting.

Core Sense for Business is a mentor-led mastermind group which meets each month through either a group call or the quarterly retreat at the exclusive Whittlebury Hall Hotel & Spa. There is a maximum of 6 places available to keep the group connected at a deeply supportive level.

Individual Support

If you’re the kind of person who flies quickly, who wants to know that you have my undivided attention, or you want complete privacy because of the sensitive nature of your needs, then working with me one-to-one is the way to go. There are three opportunities of doing this:

Executive Coaching Package

The Executive Coaching Package is a series of 6 audio Skype or ‘phone sessions and is excellent for working on a specific problem or challenge that you wish to resolve; or a key target you are ready to attain. Many clients use this to begin a longer journey as it allows them to see just how effective working with me can be; and they are often astounded as to how daily life changes around them and how much better they feel inside. The Executive Coaching Package is often used to support the deeper programmes either by linking them together or later on, to “sharpen the saw” as Stephen Covey would say.

Breakthrough and Support

The Breakthrough and Support Programme is based on an NLP Breakthrough or a Between Lives Soul Connection dependent on your needs. This is a valuable programme if you are making a number of changes throughout your life at the same time and especially if you spend a lot of time “thinking” or “going over things” in your mind. This intensive day clears the confusion and overwhelm that is keeping you stuck. With my support you then develop clear plans and actively take action fulfilling your potential.  The telephone coaching sessions support you to actively engage with your life and fully implement the changes you have made.


The Breakthrough and Support programme is also excellent for releasing phobias, particularly where there is a “practical element” such as a fear of driving or flying, or public speaking of any type.


This programme consists of an intensive day with me plus 4 support audio Skype or ‘phone sessions.



The Core Sense VIP Programmes

The transformational VIP Programmes are excellent for people who have made it to a certain level in their career and are ready to review what’s going on at home. Perhaps your marriage has waned as a result of your work; you have a difficult relationship with your kids or you have become estranged from your parents and friends. Whatever it is, you have all the “trappings of success” but feel that there’s no heart in your life any more.


Making sustainable long term change is so much easier when you are supported with your own personal coach and mentor.  Knowing you can talk with me is truly liberating; someone who understands both you and what motivates you at a deeper level as well as reminding you of the transformation that you’ve made and keep you moving towards you true potential. Having your own Personal Consultant who partners with you to make progress in your personal and professional life is a support like you have never had before.


There are currently two levels of Core Sense VIP Programme and only three available places each year in order to serve each client to the best of my ability.

How do I find out more?

Whilst on the surface it looks like there are many opportunities to work with me, the reality is that there will be one that is the most suitable for you at any one time. These ways of working with me have evolved over 10 years of working with clients in this way and the effortless way to find out which one is for you is to talk with me. This also gives you the opportunity to find out what it’s like to talk with me, and makes it easier to decide if you believe that I can help you in the way that you want.

So please book in a free consultation to find out which programme is the one you need now and if I am the coach and mentor for you by going to


I look forward to speaking with you very soon,

Your partner in wellbeing,

Wellbeing Consultant

Core Sense Ltd: Wellbeing for you, your family, your business


0845 643 9668

What can working with you (Naomi) as a Wellbeing Consultant help me (you, the reader) with?

People have been asking me about the work I do, so I have written this down to share more about how I support my clients.

My work is multi-faceted. I support people in their work, in their romantic relationships, with their families, their children and parents. I work with people suffering with depression or struggling with anxiety. I work with people who look like they have it all on the outside, but inside feel lost, hollow or very, very alone. I also work with people whose life is “good” and they move it to “great!” I help people in the corporate environment and I help people very much in their private lives.

On one level I help people find their voice; on another, I help them reconnect with themselves, yet another is about resolving the mindset, and deeper still, the innermost beliefs that are fuelling everyday life, leading to actions that aren’t in integrity with us. Most people are drawn to me without fully understanding what working with me can do for them. In fact, sometimes, without understanding at all – but they just know; where knowing comes from the heart or the gut, not the head; they just know that they feel safe with me and that I can help them move forward; to find clarity; to reconnect with energy, love and enjoyment of life.

Wellbeing for your business

This can be about your work; your career; your employment just as much as it can be about your work of running your own business. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, but you’ve hit a brick wall – or a glass ceiling. You can do your job without having to think about it anymore – but it’s become a little tedious, or even worse, boring. You’re not sure what to do next; you’re not exactly trapped but if you thought about it from a different angle, it would feel as if you were.

You’ve made some changes, but it’s not enough. You’re beginning to wonder if you’re enough, because you’re lacking in stimulation, in interest and your passion is flagging.

Wellbeing for your relationship

You find yourself snapping at the kids, carping at your husband. Nothing he ever does is quite right; never good enough. If he’s not made himself emotionally absent, he’s beginning to walk on eggshells, which makes it even worse – where’s the man you thought you’d married? If you’d wanted to be with a boy you would have danced off into the sunset with that holiday romance – or the whiff of one – 20+ years ago.

Wellbeing for your family

Back to the kids. You love them, you really do. But you also feel that you have given up your life for them. You feel stuck knowing that they still need you; but it feels like you are slowly dying inside. To compensate you do all sorts of odd things, things that you hadn’t even realised that you were doing just to try and give yourself a reason to be; to try and tell yourself it’s okay to be you but, truthfully you cannot find much evidence of you in your life anymore. You do things for everyone else, but little for yourself. Even if you do treat yourself to something – little or large – it’s never enough. The feeling of excitement soon wears off and you’re back to that empty feeling. You’re beginning to feel as if you’re living your mother’s life – and that’s not what you had planned at all.


Wellbeing for you

You know you’re one of the grown-ups, but some days you just want to run away and hide. Why? You keep asking yourself. Why? But no answer comes; ‘why’ reverberates around like a stone thrown down a well; and all you hear is the echo.

Your energy seems to be constantly depleted; you may have digestive issues or back troubles. Nothing is dire enough to stop you living; but you’re not sure that you want to; not if this is all there is.

You used to have a sense of fun. At least you think you did – you’re not entirely sure anymore – and there’s nothing that makes you smile, let alone laugh out loud. You’ve forgotten what your spontaneous laugh actually sounds like.

You’re not sure if you want what you want because of society or because it’s what you really want. If you were to get it, you’re not sure that it would satisfy you anyway.

People you trusted are letting you down. People you care about don’t seem to care for you. You’re always giving, but never getting anything back.

You’re beginning to wonder what it’s all about, and you haven’t got an answer for that either.

Is there an answer?

I believe there is an answer; deep inside of you. I also believe that whilst some people can find that answer themselves, others of us need, or welcome, support to find it. When you’ve felt so alone for so long, to find someone that you can trust to be there for you, to support you back on the road to wellbeing is a relief; and although the journey may be difficult, may be emotional, to have someone there supporting you; to advise, to facilitate you and to help you review every area of your life with objectivity and level-headedness; well; having someone like that to partner you on your personal journey gives you strength, courage and determination that you haven’t felt for a long time.

If you’d like to discuss where you’re at and find out more about if I can help you, book yourself in for a free consultation by going to:


An update for you…

Running my business, which is essentially helping you with your self-development, is a strange thing. The only person who chooses what I do and how I do it, is me. When I start work each day, is up to me, and when I finish is usually down to when I need to pick the children up from school! So, whilst there is a structure to my life, the only structure to running my business if when I devise one, and actually stick to it.

2015 has been a very interesting year: I’ve worked with more clients than in any of the previous 10 years of being a Wellbeing Coach and Mentor. I’ve delivered more Stress Management Workshops, worked with more clients on a personal basis and opened a second “Wellbeing for Business” affordable coaching group. A few weeks ago I ran one of my “Take Back Control of Your Life” live events and the 6 ladies who attended have been enjoying implementing their key changes and having some life changing conversations.
I also hope I’ve helped more people through my writing, whether it’s this newsletter, my blog posts earlier this year, or simply my Facebook posts. The reality is that I will never know how many people I have reached; I will never know all the support found, all the empowerment reached or all the changes finally activated because of something I “put out there” that was found at the right time by someone who needed it at that very moment. All I can do is follow my intuition and share what’s in my heart at that point and trust that those who would benefit will find it.

The other side of business is the logical side. The marketeers who tell people in my line of work that you need to put out so many pieces of information to every sales offer you make. The endless promises that if you follow this particular plan you will get so many clients, or get rich quick. The adverts that tell you that THIS method will help a heart-centred entrepreneur like me to build the business that I dream of.


IMG_0443I’ve tried some of the methods over the years. After all this isn’t just a hobby; this is my passion. My passion is to work with as many people as I can to empower them. To turn my passion into a sustainable lifestyle business – well, there must be a proven method, right? The thing is, I have tried to follow these ideas that are presented as absolute facts, but they certainly haven’t delivered the promised results to me. Naturally, I have justified this to myself, because all I want to do is follow a logical marketing plan, or proven method, to make sure that people like you do find out about me, but maybe because they’re not aligned with my heart or maybe because I don’t really feel ready, I don’t set them up fully, or I miss out what could have been a crucial action without realising. Or I start off “gung ho” and lose momentum – or worse, try to keep powering through when I’ve lost heart, or energy.

My passion is to empower as many people as possible in the most respectful way for them and for those around them. If you’re looking for a coach to tell you to “leave your husband now,” I’m not the coach for you. If you’re looking to make “6-figures in your work this year,” then I’m not the coach for you. If you’re looking for someone to tell you to tell your boss where to go (!), then I’m not the coach for you.

I passionately believe that you will grow more and find more self-respect by working through the issues that you have in a way that is considerate for everyone concerned. I support you to “mend your marriage” not break it, and whilst my clients do increase their business numbers, whether it’s clients, turnover, profit, whatever, it’s rarely overnight because working with me is all about the underlying sustainable Wellbeing; it’s not the “ jump off a cliff and see if you can fly” sort of approach. If you do need to leave your job we work out a supportive plan and tactics that work for you and you can leave with your “head held high.” If you want to mend your marriage, I will gently help you understand how to do this in a way that sets you both on a journey independently and yet together. If you do want to grow your business we form a plan that fits with your skills, your dreams and balances the needs of your family.

see-throughI will help you understand what stress is and how it has been affecting you and those you love. I am passionate about putting you back in the centre of your life, which gives those around you the opportunity to be at the centre of theirs and not stepping on your toes, or giving you a wide berth.
I will support you to find strength that you never knew you had, and empower you to find effective ways of communicating and acting so that you know you are in control; and give you focus so that you can work towards the goals that set you alight.
Yes, I mostly work with women, but about 10 % of my clients over the 10 years I have been doing this as a career are men. I don’t work with children, but I will support you with tools, techniques and knowledge so that you can be the parent you want to be. I work with you if you are ready to “Take back control of your life.”

I started writing this email because I wanted to say that over the next few months I am going to be taking some extended time to reflect and consolidate. What that means for you is that I can’t tell you that I’m going to write an email every week, or that I’m going to release another 6 radio shows– or even that you’ll get to see me more on video (which many of you have told me you’ve watched.) I can’t tell you what I’m going to do or how I’m going to be in contact with you because I just don’t know. People always say that you need to keep contacting “potential clients” regularly for them to choose to work with you. I won’t commit to doing that until I know what is going to empower me next.

Besides, I have greater faith in you and know that if you want to connect with me, if you want to explore working with me, then you will find a way to contact me.

What I can tell you is that I’m still here, even if I’m not landing in your inbox, or popping up on Facebook. Each week until the end of January 2016, my Technical V.A. has scheduled “Wednesday Wellbeing Words” to still arrive in your inbox. So you will still receive a mid-week reflection from me until then at least.

If you want to get in touch at any time, then please do. I would love to hear from you. The step back that I’m taking is away from trying to consciously market my work to really focus my time on supporting my own development and my clients who are working with me.
Perhaps this email has helped you decide that if I’m taking action to help myself then it’s time that you took some action too. Is it time to find out how I can help you, your business or your family? Or perhaps you think that I might be able to help someone you know? If either of those are the case then email change@coresense.co.uk or contact the office on 0845 643 9668 and we will arrange a time for us to talk and explore further. There is no cost for this and absolutely no obligation. Just an opportunity to find out if you can find the support you need from me.

Your partner in wellbeing,


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