Hannah’s Story


Hannah’s Story

When I met Hannah she was torn between building her business and looking after her young son, aged 4. When she became pregnant again, she was thrilled and totally focused on her growing family.

Then the time was right to balance the work and her family, but as you will know, that was easier said than done. Like many people today, Hannah has no family living nearby to support her and her local friends see her as “the strong one,” “the one who is always there for me” – so where does she get the support from that she needs.

But Hannah had no-one there for her.

No role model. No mentor. No-one who could just take control for her and say,
“It’s okay. Together we will figure out how to grow your business AND give you quality time for your family.”

When she came to her first “Wellbeing for Business” group meeting we discussed “Values.” Not in the deeply convoluted way that advertising agencies would, but in a very simple, practical manner.

In completing that exercise we worked together to highlight the key areas in which her current life was not only out of balance but was also in direct conflict with everything that was important to her.

We set about changing her approach, put everything in alignment; her business started to flow, then, as we worked on time management and boundaries, she began to fully connect with her family again.

5 years on and her dreams are a firm reality.

Hannah’s business, HLB Creative, is flourishing more than ever.

So is her family.

So is she.

Hannah no longer waits for the next drama to appear. Instead she lets life, and business, simply happen. Life is good.

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