So, what is “Take back control!”?

Take back control! is what I help women and men over the age of 30 do!

This might be after a significant life event such as having children, being bereaved or retiring.

It might be when you feel things are out of your control – essentially you feel like your life is running you instead of you’re running your life. Perhaps you’re always running around after children; your work is getting on top of you; or you wonder exactly what you and your spouse saw in each other all those years ago.

It might be that you’re ready to Take back control! You’re ready for more. Imagine more from your career; more from your business; more from your relationship? Imagine less hassle; less demands on your time; less confusion?

We might be looking at stress management; increasing your confidence or building your knowledge (how to change your business so that it supports you or how to alter the way you communicate so you get more relationship fulfillment.)

Underneath whatever we are addressing through coaching, mentoring or training, is the foundation of Personal Development. We look at (or find) your personal strengths and development areas; we highlight and address your immediate challenges and we grow your development skills so that you make the changes you want to make, and have those skills ready to use again and again throughout your life should you need or want them.

Sometimes people come to work with me knowing exactly how I can help them, but mostly, people come to me because they have an underlying feeling that I can help them, even if they can’t articulate that.  Whichever route you find me through I give you support, encouragement, challenge (personal development is about personal growth) and above all, you find you are empowered.

Take back control! is about putting you back at the centre of your life, whatever your circumstances.

Naomi Martell-Bundock

Naomi Martell-Bundock

CEO at Core Sense
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Naomi Martell-Bundock