Does Your Life Feel Out of Control?

Is your life not feeling how it should?

Life can be horribly messy at times. It can spiral out of control very quickly. You might find you can’t shake the feeling of overwhelm, or that you’re lost. Core Sense can help you take back control of your life.

If you can imagine feeling stronger, more confident and having a mindset that works with you and not against you then you’re already half way to living life on your terms. I’ll help you take the next steps

Wellbeing Services

The loss of control in your life impacts the things that truly matter to you. Your family, your business and of course your own health and wellbeing. Core Sense covers these three aspects and helps you get to where you want to be.

For You

You might find it hard to put yourself first, but when wellbeing starts with you it radiates outwards and encompasses family and friends

For Your Family

Has your family dynamic run amok? Are you wondering how to cope with the chaos rather than thrive? Start here

For Your Business

Wondering how to free yourself from the business treadmill? Sick of all work and no play? Wellbeing for business starts here:

You'll love how easy it is to work with Core Sense on your wellbeing

Client Testimonials

I worked with Naomi for about 6 years and through her encouragement and advice have developed in confidence and ability. She has helped me overcome procrastination and disorganisation to make significant progress in turning my hobby/passion into a business.

Cathy Read

Cathy Read Art

Naomi helped me to regain my identity, reminded me of my strength and believed in me when I was lost. She is a lighthouse in rough seas, the sunshine after the storm, an angel on earth. I’ll be forever grateful that fate introduced us.

Hayley J.T Holmes

Virtual Admin

Naomi is a highly tuned person who picks up on all the unspoken words that flow. Naomi is able to guide people from a negative place into a positive place with a firm but gentle hand, giving people the time and space to make difficult decisions with the knowledge that Naomi has your back and that you are not alone or silly. Naomi certainly gives you back control.

Carolyn Binnie

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