Wellbeing Coaching is spending time with a coach who facilitates you to make positive changes that help you balance your life.

We all have demands on our time – we may be juggling a stressful workload and family; a relationship with someone special; running a house; looking after children with additional or special needs; a career, starting up our own business or getting back into work after a break, because of children or illness.

If you feel that you’re doing too much, but it’s all for everyone else, then Wellbeing Coaching may help you.

Core Sense Coaching is owned and run by its principal, Naomi Martell-Bundock.

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Wellbeing Coaching sessions are flexible to meet your needs, there is no set format to follow for everyone. Naomi will spend time listening to you to find out what are your problems and then will communicate with you an outline of the solutions that she thinks will benefit you most at this time.

The first session with Naomi is a “Take back control” session. This may be all you need at this time. The “Take back control” session is focused to allow you to share enough so that the appropriate approach will be evident. There is also enough time to take you through a key process that immediately changes the way you feel.

You will be coached, so that you can use the technique yourself in the future, to set achievable goals and understand which specific tasks will help you, personally, continue to move forward after the session.

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Take control and make your life better


Naomi specialises in working with parents, carers or teachers who are living in a busy, high adrenalin state, suffering from stress and who want to balance and enjoy their life more.

You may have, look after, or work with children of any age from pre-schoolers through school-age or they may be adults with children of their own. Something about having or working with children presents us with challenges, especially in our modern society of “having it all.”

Can you really have a career and children?

Why do so many parents who want to stay at home with their children feel guilty?

Why do so many parents who want to go to work feel guilty?

Is there a compromise that will work for you?