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Wellbeing Coaching Overview

Wellbeing Coaching is spending time with a coach who facilitates you to make positive changes that help you balance your life.

We all have demands on our time – we may be juggling a stressful workload and family; a relationship with someone special; running a house; looking after children with additional or special needs; a career, starting up our own business or getting back into work after a break, because of children or illness.

If you feel that you’re doing too much, but it’s all for everyone else, then Wellbeing Coaching will help you.

Core Sense Coaching is owned and run by its principal, Naomi Martell-Bundock.

Can you really have a career and children? What is having it all anyway?


Why do so many parents who want to go to work feel guilty?


Why do so many parents who want to go to stay at home feel guilty?


Is there a compromise that will work for you? would you like to talk about it?


Life is challenging & But You Can Take Back Control

So many decisions. So much second-guessing, so much pressure to get it “right”. When you focus on your wellbeing (whether it’s for you as a parent, you as a business owner or you as an employer) you’ll find life can be managed effectively so you feel good.

I’d like to help you with this.

Click the button below and book a call. Together, you’ll take back control and feel less stress and overwhelm. I promise.


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Results From Wellbeing coaching

You’ll feel happier and comfortable with your choices. You’ll find life a lot less stressful. You won’t fear judgement from others about your choices.

Client View

When I started working with Naomi, I was in a rut with my business and my personal life, I had lost my confidence and direction and now the difference is amazing. I have loved working with Naomi, she is a beautifully knowledgeable person. I have gained confidence, and have direction in both my personal life and my business life, and most importantly I have learnt to look after me.
I have worked with Naomi individually and as part of her Wellbeing for Business Group. The “Wellbeing for Business” group meetings gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded people and confidently be able to share any issues that came up for me at each of the monthly meetings, and be guided by not only the group but Naomi special brand of insightfulness.
I have learnt so many new skills, which have now become second nature. I will use my new skills and knowledge going forward for life, the investment I made in myself to work with Naomi was a great decision and will repay me for the rest of my life.

Alison Armitage

Spatial Design Professional

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