Wellbeing for your family

“Core Sense Wellbeing Coaching for your Family” is tailored to your personal needs and circumstances.

Do you have young children?


Are your children teenagers?



Have your children left home – but not really?!


Wellbeing for your family can help you understand what’s really behind your personal family dynamics.


  • You might know what’s driving you crazy (Why does my family leave their washing all over the house?)
  • You might know what frustrates you? (Why does my husband not support me with the children?)
  • You might have a child with a disability or additional needs, and although you get some support, it doesn’t really support you.

What’s missing is understanding why, knowing what to do about it, and having the courage to be clear about what you really want and need.


Take control of your family and empower them to fulfill their potential.

Feel like you’re ready to take back control of your family?.

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