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Noelle Adams
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Heightened awareness is the cornerstone of communication … of personal, professional and leadership development. Naomi is a finely tuned human being - a first class teacher and highly focused coach. I hired Naomi’s services with the express purpose of building a heightened sense of awareness. This has empowered me to be far more present in the stillness of the moment and to really hear in depth what is being said, with significant benefits to clients as well as in my personal life. I would strongly recommend that you work with Naomi to discover these benefits for yourself.

Denis Roberts


Naomi is an excellent coach; she is an expert at identifying deep rooted emotional issues and enabling the remedying of them. I really enjoyed working with her and would happily recommend her to anyone who's in need of some emotional spring cleaning.

Emma O'Brien

Award-winning Photographer

Naomi is a wonderful, caring, compassionate and creative coach who has helped me see a clearer way ahead on many occasions! She asks insightful questions and allows me to come to answers with encouragement and support along the way.
She is a great family coach and works brilliantly with addressing parenting issues that can make any parent question their ability to manage family life! I highly recommend her.

Lindsay de Swart

Parenting Coach