Another day I will discuss the phrase “have to,” but for right now let’s go through a quick technique.

1) Be as clear as you can be about what you need to do.

2) Find your “WHY.” Why do you need to do X? What will it do for you?

E.g. if you have to do your tax return, ask yourself what completing it will mean.

3) WHAT? What are all the things you need easily available to you to help you do it. Include an incentive if necessary. (Chocolate – raw / otherwise; piece of exotic fruit; a walk in the country etc. Whatever will do it for you.)

4) NOTE down any key steps that need to be take – they help to keep you progressing.

5) What can you be GRATEFUL for that’s strongly related to the task?
E.g. Thank you for the money flowing in my life. (Works for tax returns; bank balancing; paying bills etc.)
Thank you for the hygienic situations available to me. (Works for cleaning, the house, the sink, the toilet!)
Thank you for food that nourishes me. (Works for making dinner, packed lunch, gardening your vegetable patch etc.)

Then, as you start the task keep saying to yourself what you’re grateful for. Really try and connect with your statement. Feel into it as much as you can. As you start to feel connected to your gratitude let that energy flow through your body and out through your fingers as you get to work.

Imagine how different getting down to that task feels now?

Naomi Martell-Bundock

Naomi Martell-Bundock

CEO at Core Sense
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Naomi Martell-Bundock