Intuition / noun. 1. Immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning. 2 immediate apprehension by a sense. 3. Immediate insight.

Intuit / verb. 1. know  by intuition 2. receive knowledge by direct perception

Apprehension / noun. 1. A sense of uneasiness… 2. understanding, grasp. … 4. an idea: a conception.

The Oxford English Reference Dictionary, Second Ed. 1996

Do you tend to act impulsively? Respond to your gut instinct? Do you do want you want to even if you can’t explain it to others (or even yourself?)

You probably don’t now, but can you remember a time when you did? For many of us, we have to cast our minds back to childhood. Maybe your food arrived on a plate and you instantly said “Great!” or “Yuk!” until you eventually learnt to say “Thank you.” and eat it – unless it made you physically sick.

Did love at first sight ever happen for you? (Even if the relationship didn’t work out?) Your eyes met, and you just knew that they were the one.

Perhaps when you buy a car you go through everything in great detail, or you set your budget and look for a colour or shape you like?

How many decisions have you made and then come to regret them later? Are they little day-to-day decisions or do they tend to the BIG decisions?

Intuition is something we started out with, but often as we learn the rules of life – or have them drummed into us – we start to mistrust our intuition. We stop listening to ourselves, or we start shrinking our world so that we are kept safe. Worse, we learn other responses and believe that they are our intuition – we are confused and we don’t even know it!

Imagine someone offers you an opportunity and you’re not sure. You say you’ll think about it. You do think about it, mostly to persuade yourself that this isn’t the right opportunity, or the right time or the right person, and so you don’t take that opportunity. You might get another opportunity, or you might not. Who knows, but you are safe, So that’s that.

Now, imagine you take that opportunity – maybe it’s a business venture, maybe it’s acting on that Love at First Sight, maybe it’s about crossing the road while there’s no traffic coming! Your knees knock; your head feels giddy; your hands might even shake a little, but you take it.  You take it and then what? Well, then what is that the next step happens, whatever that may be depending on the opportunity.

What happens if the romance fails? Well, I would question deeply what you mean by fail. Do you mean it doesn’t lead to a “Cinder-f***ing-ella”

style happy ever after? Instead you’re heartbroken and sob for days on end? You’re never going to enter into a relationship ever again? If these are your type of reactions, I would guess you’re one of my younger readers (or one who is interested in working with me so you don’t have these type of reactions.)

The thing is if you don’t act on your intuition, NOTHING will happen. You definitely won’t have that romance; or get the job because you haven’t taken the step of applying for it.     It’s highly likely that nothing will change in your life and you feel stuck.

Sometimes your intuition tells you to “go for it.” Sometimes it’s telling you to stop, or avoid something or someone. The key is for you to listen to it; tune in, (three deep breaths helps) and act on it. The more you act on it, the clearer your intuition will become. It’s quite exciting, a little scary, and could even be a lot of fun!

It’s less stressful because you tend to make your decisions quicker when you’re using your intuition and once you’ve made the decision you feel a relief or a sense of excitement. SO, it’s great for your wellbeing because it means you have more time and energy rather than being bogged down in thinking about things over and over. You make the decision, act on it and move on which is much healthier for you.

If you can find a way to start listening to your instincts again, and learn how to act on them and enjoy the journey they take you on, life will have a vibrancy that you haven’t connected with for a while.

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