What’s it like to Take Back Control of your life and work with Core Sense?

What specifically did you want to work on during our day together?
For a long time, I had been trying to break through barriers that I’d been coming up against in terms of growing my business but also emotionally and spiritually as well. I needed perspective and guidance on how to move past these challenges permanently and to understand where they were coming from. As much as I believed I could help a lot of people through my healing practice, I was lacking confidence in how to get my message out into the world and building the vision that I had for myself.

What is it about me that helped you feel like you could trust me and that I could help you at this point?
Most importantly I felt seen, heard and respected by you from the moment we met. Your warmth, kindness and openness meant that I was able to feel comfortable in sharing my fears and vulnerabilities as they were always met with complete non-judgement and understanding. Your integrity and willingness to share parts of your own journey were so valuable in healing parts of my own which also meant that we were able to connect on a human level as well as professionally.

What shifted during our work together?
So much! I can feel that I have removed blocks that were stopping me from seeing the big picture – not just in my business but also in my personal life and I’ve realised that I had been over complicating and over processing my business strategy. Working with you has made everything so clear and simple and I now have a plan to move forward with.

What have you noticed since?

I am ready to take action in terms of pushing ahead with my business as I
now have the confidence and clarity I needed through your wonderful support.
I feel so much more relaxed and have let go of the barriers that I had created around my own confidence and trusting myself to make good business decisions.

Would you recommend spending a day with me to other people and why?
Spending the day with you was an invaluable part of this process. Having a whole day together allowed time and space to address anything and everything that I could have possibly needed to work through and I know this will massively benefit our future work together. It was also a lot of fun!

How has this changed your life?
Working with a coach wasn’t something that I had particularly thought about, I could never have imagined how much progress I have made in such a short space of time. Working with you has given me the sense of direction that I needed and I now feel so empowered to be authentically me and create the future that I now know is possible.