I love offering people wellbeing and personal development. My compassionate approach means that I help you do things for yourself – I never do it for you. I might hold your hand or hug you – I might even give you a little nudge, or very occasionally more of a “shove” and nearly everyone I have worked with over the past 12 years has appreciated what I do. Sometimes they “get it” straight away – sometimes it takes them a few years to understand or to see results really come to fruition, and some never acknowledge my work (and that’s okay too.)

I’ve had my own “nudge” from the universe. In the past  9 months I have worked with 2 people dealing with cancer. Both had been told it was terminal and given a matter of months. Both underwent the treatment offered to them, and both asked to work with me alongside of that. Neither understood the work we were going to do, but they trusted from their instincts that somehow I could help them.

Having had a Dad who was terminally ill and did nearly die when I was 12; who then went on to live another 21 years has given me some understanding of how to support people going through this type of issue.

Please be clear, I cannot say that I heal cancer. I treat the symptoms and I treat the person, not the cancer. My gift is to be a facilitator of you finding the wellbeing inside of you.

SO, what was my “nudge” from the universe?

Well, within 2 hours on Monday both people had contacted me; the first to say that he was in remission – Whoop! Whoop! Happy dance! The second texted me: “Hi Naomi, I hope you had a good half-term? I just thought I would update you. I have seen the specialist and the tumour has shrunk nicely and they are happy with me – no more chemo at the moment, I am thrilled to say. Maybe we can discuss some more alternative support? Take care xxx”

Fabulous news.

Both were determined. Both were positive, and both wanted to make sure they had a professional support that was outside their family for when they didn’t feel as positive as they wanted.

If you have anything similar and wonder if working with me could help your mindset, please get in touch either by email at change@coresense.co.uk

Or call 0845 643 9668

I am honoured to support so many wonderful people find new life one way or another.


Naomi Martell-Bundock

Naomi Martell-Bundock

CEO at Core Sense
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Naomi Martell-Bundock