People have been asking me about the work I do, so I have written this down to share more about how I support my clients.

My work is multi-faceted. I support people in their work, in their romantic relationships, with their families, their children and parents. I work with people suffering with depression or struggling with anxiety. I work with people who look like they have it all on the outside, but inside feel lost, hollow or very, very alone. I also work with people whose life is “good” and they move it to “great!” I help people in the corporate environment and I help people very much in their private lives.

On one level I help people find their voice; on another, I help them reconnect with themselves, yet another is about resolving the mindset, and deeper still, the innermost beliefs that are fuelling everyday life, leading to actions that aren’t in integrity with us. Most people are drawn to me without fully understanding what working with me can do for them. In fact, sometimes, without understanding at all – but they just know; where knowing comes from the heart or the gut, not the head; they just know that they feel safe with me and that I can help them move forward; to find clarity; to reconnect with energy, love and enjoyment of life.

Wellbeing for your business

This can be about your work; your career; your employment just as much as it can be about your work of running your own business. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, but you’ve hit a brick wall – or a glass ceiling. You can do your job without having to think about it anymore – but it’s become a little tedious, or even worse, boring. You’re not sure what to do next; you’re not exactly trapped but if you thought about it from a different angle, it would feel as if you were.

You’ve made some changes, but it’s not enough. You’re beginning to wonder if you’re enough, because you’re lacking in stimulation, in interest and your passion is flagging.

Wellbeing for your relationship

You find yourself snapping at the kids, carping at your husband. Nothing he ever does is quite right; never good enough. If he’s not made himself emotionally absent, he’s beginning to walk on eggshells, which makes it even worse – where’s the man you thought you’d married? If you’d wanted to be with a boy you would have danced off into the sunset with that holiday romance – or the whiff of one – 20+ years ago.

Wellbeing for your family

Back to the kids. You love them, you really do. But you also feel that you have given up your life for them. You feel stuck knowing that they still need you; but it feels like you are slowly dying inside. To compensate you do all sorts of odd things, things that you hadn’t even realised that you were doing just to try and give yourself a reason to be; to try and tell yourself it’s okay to be you but, truthfully you cannot find much evidence of you in your life anymore. You do things for everyone else, but little for yourself. Even if you do treat yourself to something – little or large – it’s never enough. The feeling of excitement soon wears off and you’re back to that empty feeling. You’re beginning to feel as if you’re living your mother’s life – and that’s not what you had planned at all.


Wellbeing for you

You know you’re one of the grown-ups, but some days you just want to run away and hide. Why? You keep asking yourself. Why? But no answer comes; ‘why’ reverberates around like a stone thrown down a well; and all you hear is the echo.

Your energy seems to be constantly depleted; you may have digestive issues or back troubles. Nothing is dire enough to stop you living; but you’re not sure that you want to; not if this is all there is.

You used to have a sense of fun. At least you think you did – you’re not entirely sure anymore – and there’s nothing that makes you smile, let alone laugh out loud. You’ve forgotten what your spontaneous laugh actually sounds like.

You’re not sure if you want what you want because of society or because it’s what you really want. If you were to get it, you’re not sure that it would satisfy you anyway.

People you trusted are letting you down. People you care about don’t seem to care for you. You’re always giving, but never getting anything back.

You’re beginning to wonder what it’s all about, and you haven’t got an answer for that either.

Is there an answer?

I believe there is an answer; deep inside of you. I also believe that whilst some people can find that answer themselves, others of us need, or welcome, support to find it. When you’ve felt so alone for so long, to find someone that you can trust to be there for you, to support you back on the road to wellbeing is a relief; and although the journey may be difficult, may be emotional, to have someone there supporting you; to advise, to facilitate you and to help you review every area of your life with objectivity and level-headedness; well; having someone like that to partner you on your personal journey gives you strength, courage and determination that you haven’t felt for a long time.

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