For about 2 years now I have consciously been thinking about blogging. For about 5 years I’ve been aware that it might be a useful, or even therapeutic, technique or hobby.

Hundreds of times I’ve attempted a blog post. Several times I’ve actually posted one. A few more times my Technical V.A. (Virtual Assistant) has posted for me. (In case you’re not aware of the Tech. V.A. they are real human beings but virtual as in “not actually physically in my presence.”)

Yesterday I decided to “go for it;” to dust off Sarah Arrow’s book (metaphorically as it’s on my Kindle, and to agree to blog for 30 days.  In some ways this was a decision taken with much thought. In others, it was a completely “in the moment” commitment.  I’d had a relaxed Sunday; felt back in balance and decided, this is it.

What I forgot was to check my diary. Partly because my diary is in Google and therefore easily accessed on my laptop – weekdays only; my tablet; battery flat; and mobile ‘phone – switched off because I needed 24 hours completely in the real world – the real world of my home and family.  June has merged into July very quickly and just as intense. I keep getting things coming home from school about the boys; things that need to be done on a timeframe, or things that won’t be done unless I do them. Last week the boys had extra things on every day – and even though we limited them or made them as easy as possible; it was extra things being squashed into family life. I’d arrived at the weekend feeling very squashed indeed! So, a complete “Time Out” on Sunday was in order.

It did the trick. I felt relaxed; back on my game. Sure, let’s do this!

Until about 3p.m. this afternoon when I realised that I had opened Word and not typed a thing.

Determined, I re-committed. I WILL do this. I will push through.

BUT then I stopped. I paused, I looked at the diary. I had several extra things in today as it was; and one was an unexpected meeting that with following up on the actions taken, meant 3 hours went on that. As worthwhile as it was, it wasn’t writing my blog. My car was being picked up by the Body Shop after a coach squashed it a couple of months ago.  The hire car I’d been given by the insurance company is HUGE so the school run and then the Sports Club run all needed to be completed by going the main road, not the country or back route way. That meant that every journey took an extra few minutes – it all added up, and it wasn’t getting this blog post written. At some point during the day it dawned on me that this is my REALLY BUSY WEEK of the month. The one where I already have so much going on that putting in something else, is NOT an option. Oops!

I’m now typing this at 8.34pm and hearing my children both get on and fall out with each other in the same breath.

I could keep pushing through, but, I’m a Wellbeing Consultant and this is one of those great opportunities to walk my talk.

So, as much as I would love to push through, I now know that some point I will hit a brick wall and it makes it much harder for me as well as my husband and my boys.

I know it’s hard to say “no” or to delay something you’ve already committed to – in times past, I would have pushed through, but to my own cost. Now you know that I have committed to my own sanity and delayed my challenge, what could you say “no” or delay?

Naomi Martell-Bundock

Naomi Martell-Bundock

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Naomi Martell-Bundock