Goal setting the smart way can be useful, but isn’t always the best approach.

Liz, a recent client of mine, once set her 5 year goals using the SMART approach. Everything was mapped out for her work, her money, her relationship, her home. The lot. Hours, in fact, days (probably weeks!) were spent dreaming then clarifying then writing them out in infinitesimal detail.

6 months later she crashed with M.E. (not a great surprise if you realise that she lived her life in the same way she approached her goal setting.) Sadly for her, she felt a failure because she simply could not achieve any of her goals. Even worse, she was so attached to them that she couldn’t modify them. Because it was all to her, it became nothing – and that’s how she felt.

When I first became self-employed, I set my business goals, and then when I becane pregnant, I simply changed them to accommodate a short, planned, maternity leave. However, when my son was born, my world turned upside down and none of my goals were achievable. I was torn in two.

I love my work + I love my son = complete confusion!

Who else wants to collapse because of a deep, attachment to unsuitable goals?

After a few years, that is exactly what happened to me, which is why I could support my client with ME, as well as others under chronic stress and with adrenal fatigue.

So, in today’s uncertain economic (and political) climate, how do we set goals that are achievable AND flexible?

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to Intuitive Goal-Setting.

See you then,


Naomi Martell-Bundock

Naomi Martell-Bundock

CEO at Core Sense
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Naomi Martell-Bundock