You can have it all.

First, you have to be clear what you want. I mean, crystal clear. SMART targets used to be the “in” way to focus on what you want. You can be that specific if you want, but I find focusing on the results of getting what you want to be much more effective. Try answering questions such as:

What will what you want give you?

How will you feel?

How will you be?

If you breathe deeply and let the answers flow, you may find your mind expands; your energy gathers and grows, and you feel a sense of peace in setting your intention.

If you need to take action towards what you want, then take action. If you need to relax about attaining it, then let go. If you grasp something tightly, what happens? You squeeze the life out of it. It doesn’t like your attachment to it, it feels drained and withers.

So, find a way to let it go. My favourite method is to put my thoughts into a fire. Connect with the fire and watch as your thoughts, feelings and desires transform, transmute and transcend.

Let me know your favourite way of letting go of attachments.


P.S. Always be responsible when lighting fires. Choose somewhere safe and have water at hand in case you need to contain the fire quickly.

Naomi Martell-Bundock

Naomi Martell-Bundock

CEO at Core Sense
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Naomi Martell-Bundock